Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is a combination of several procedures that help keep your gums and teeth healthy and in harmony. The services involved help avoid cavities, gum infection, wear and tear of the enamel, and others.

It is essential to attend routine hygiene visits to your dentist to ensure that every corner of your oral cavity is analyzed and examined by an expert to warn you about signs of progressing dental health conditions. Your dentist would typically suggest visiting back again in six months.

Your routine dental checkups

Routine dental checkups would involve scaling and root planing, polishing, removal of plaque or tartar, and dental examinations. Dental examinations would include taking digital X-rays images of your oral cavity with the help of intraoral cameras.

Mouthguards and Night Guards

Mouthguards are dental appliances designed to protect the surface of your teeth. They are generally advised for patients who are more active on the ground.

Night guards offer the same function. However, they are mostly to be worn at night. Patients who are victims of bruxism or suffer from slight symptoms of teeth grinding are generally recommended night guards.

Periodontal checkups

Dentists conduct regular periodontal checkups to ensure that patients are not vulnerable to chronic gum diseases. Some of the common symptoms of chronic gums diseases are loose and bleeding gums, severe infection of the gums, and bone deterioration. Your dentist would recommend the necessary treatment required in case the patients begin to show minor to significant symptoms of the same.

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