Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Le is very kind and compassionate with children that they'd love having visits to the dentist's office. It is essential to schedule pediatric dental care visits for your child as soon as he/she turns one year old. This will help us be in track of the growth of your child's oral cavity.

Importance of First Visit

Children would erupt their first tooth by the time they are six months old. It is good to bring children for early dental checkups by this age, as it would help understand the growth pattern of their teeth or complications that may have arisen during this phase. By being more informed, we'll be able to make decisions and educate parents regarding the suitable treatment option. As your child begins to grow, it will be necessary to schedule regular dental checkups to maintain optimal oral health.

We understand that anxiety comes with an unfortunate first visit. Hence, we take extra caution to ensure that your child's first visit with us is a comfortable and happy one.

As your child grows

As your child's teeth progress and grow, we would ensure additional treatment. During your child's regular visits with us, we would provide them with fluoride treatment and may also suggest dental sealants.

Fluoride treatment would help build stronger and durable teeth structures. Wearing protective dental sealants can protect the surface of teeth from bacteria and plaque.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with us to understand more about our pediatric services. Call us today!