Patient Information

Your first visit

Registration: Getting to Know You

Tina Le Dental Artistry is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology and comfortable surroundings, so you'll feel confident and welcome at our Los Altos dental office. When you arrive, our friendly front-desk staff will greet you with a smile.

Upon your arrival at our facility, we'd ensure that you feel comfortable and at home. We'd request our patients to carry their dental insurances along for paperwork and also fill up the registration forms. Our front desk staff would be happy to help.

Examination: A Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment

Once the paperwork is in order, a dental assistant will escort you to a treatment room. We may need to take X-rays at this time to accurately diagnose potential oral diseases. Dr. Le will personally meet with you and ask you about immediate dental concerns or your chief complaint. Then she'll review your X-rays and chart. With digital enhancements, Dr. Le would take images of teeth for better clarity of the current and progressing conditions.

During your routine scans with us, we'd perform a comprehensive examination of your oral cavity to detect signs of breakage, weak or loose restorations, inspect for signs of gum disease or suspicious lesions. Dr. Le will also assess how your occlusion is, otherwise known as the bite.

Treatment Planning: Finding Solutions that Suit You

After studying her findings, Dr. Le will explain treatment options with you. Please feel free to ask any questions while reviewing your oral photos with Dr. Le. The more you understand about your oral health, the more informed decisions you can make for your treatment. We will help you decide upon a treatment plan that accomplishes your goals, fits within your budget and establishes a path for a lifetime of robust oral health.

Cleaning: Maintaining Your Smile for Life

Your next hygiene appointment can be scheduled with us as and when you visit. Depending on the type of cleaning session that the patient would be undergoing, we will schedule appointments accordingly.

Financial policy

After your initial examination, we will review with you our recommended treatment plan, if any, and its estimated costs. Our office policy is to collect at the time of service. We accept all major dental insurances, and we will work with you and bill your insurance as a courtesy practice.

We deliver the finest care at reasonable cost.

To make payment convenient, we accept checks, credit cards, and CareCredit third-party financing. With CareCredit, qualified applicants can receive low or no interest loans. Visit CareCredit online.

Patient forms

We understand what a hassle filling out paperwork can be, so we've provided these forms for your convenience to fill out at home before your visit. Please contact us if you have any questions.